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Creative Differences

Sanity Through Expression

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Creative Writing Workshop
This community is run by and for serious fiction writers, who would like to see their work published someday. creativexpression acts as an online writer's workshop, and encourages members to leave constructive criticism for each post.

Every story, script, and written work in this community is copywrighted to the creater and author. No work may be republished or used in part or whole without the author's permission.(It is also suggested that this type of copywright be put into each individual post of creative writing by the author)

-Always spellcheck your writing before posting here. Occasional typos are understandable, but please--LiveJournal has a spellcheck option before you post, so please use it!

-No fake-cuts! All writing entries must be posted IN the community. It's just easier to read and makes less clutter.

-All entries must be friends-only. This is a private community, so we'd like to keep it that way so no one risks getting plagiarized.

For every entry and to make navigation easier, please tag as "author:*your username*"

According to what the entry is, also tag as either "type:short story", "type:tv script", "type:movie script", "type:poetry", "type:novel", "type:essay", "type:character development", "type:story idea", "type:plot idea", or if you're unsure, "type:prose".

If you are posting a long story that will have different chapters, or if you think you will be posting a lot of entries dealing with character development or plot ideas or different points of view, please also tag as "story:*story title*".

To suggest another type of tag, please message either coloursofsouls or stillthere4me.